The legend of the Phoenix has been told, re-told and revered by the ancient Greeks, Persians, Romans, Egyptians, Chinese, Japanese, Russians, and Phoenicians for thousands of years. The Phoenix represents an enduring message of rebirth, resurrection, perseverance, and hope; the story transcends time, culture and religion through the ages. The Egyptians considered Bennu (the Phoenix), the soul of the Sun-God Ra, and was sometimes called "He Who Came Into Being by Himself." 

It is for these reasons that we chose the magnificent Phoenix as a representative symbol for modern-day Survivors of Brain Injury. Much like the mythical Phoenix, survivors of these devastating injuries are truly put on a path of coming into being themselves, of re-inventing themselves, of re-learning taken-for-granted everyday tasks, of re-discovering their abilities, of rebirth. 

Can you imagine an injury that alters your ability to think, to reason, to comprehend? Imagine an injury that cuts communication, not only with others, but with your own body; control of your limbs, your ability to speak, your ability to react to life's everyday challenges. Imagine having to concentrate on forming the sound of a single letter, taking a single step, moving a single muscle. Imagine having a time-limit on your brain's capacity. Imagine not being able to follow a three-step task, struggling to remember the steps of getting dressed in the morning, being unable to plan for tonight's meal, or how to take out the trash. Brain injury damages the most precious of all things; your individuality, your personality, your "self", who you are. These are all things we take for granted, yet these are the very challenges that the Phoenix must overcome every day for the remainder of their lives. 

There is no cure, no bones to mend, no drugs to make you well, no treatments to make you "who you used to be". Recovery is as much a matter of adjustment to the injury as it is of recovery from the injury. Such is the life of the modern-day Phoenix. Unlike the age-old legends, the rise of the today's Phoenix from the ashes is not a myth. We hope you'll become aware of today's over-population of BI survivors and help us support their amazing battle to regain their own lives.